On-Premise pricing

How to obtain pricing or buy online

If you're working with a reseller, be sure you get prices and place orders through them. For direct quotes or to purchase MailArchiva online, please visit our online shop.  Creating an account and requesting quote is in our portal is easy, and should take no more than 2 minutes. In most cases, an instant PDF quote will be automatically generated with standardized pricing and immediately sent to you.

Price Estimate

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On-Premise pricing model

The MailArchiva On-Premise pricing model consists of a fixed (non-recurring) per mailbox license fee, and an annual (recurring) maintenance per mailbox renewal fee. The maintenance renewal fee includes telephone & email technical support and upgrades to versions of the product whose build date falls within the maintenance period. The maintenance fee is mandatory in the first year, optional thereafter. 

How to determine the number of mailboxes

The method of mailbox count varies according to the specific mail service / server in-use. As a general rule, the minimum mailbox count to order is equivalent to the number of licensed active mailboxes setup in the mail server.  For instance, when using Microsoft Office 365 (Microsoft 365), the minimum total mailbox count is equal to the total count reported in Microsoft Azure. When using Microsoft Exchange, the powershell command Get-Mailbox -Resultsize unlimited).count may be run to determine the total mailbox count. MailArchiva includes shared mailboxes in the count, but not rooms, nor inactive or unlicensed mailboxes. To minimize the inconvenience of having to purchase additional mailboxes later in the year, it is suggested to add additional padding of between 5% and 10% to cover potential new hires or departures throughout the upcoming year. 

Payment method & terms

Payment is accepted either via credit card online (using the Stripe processor) or by payment order (PO). In the latter case, PO's may be settled either via US check, local bank transfer or international wire. The issued invoice will include further payment instruction, along with our bank details. As soon as an order is initiated, a 30 day temporary license will generated and sent to the purchasor. On receipt of the funds, a permanent license will be issued. It will be valid indefinitely for versions of the software whose build date is within the maintenance period of the order.

30-day trial & refund policy

The MailArchiva On-Premise distribution includes a free (no credit card required) 30 day trial period. There is no need to acquire a temporary license to activate the trial period. Simply download the software from our Download Center and run the setup. Should you require an extension to your trial, contact us and we will assist further. As the 30 day free trial period affords ample time to evaluate the performance of the product, refunds are deemed not permitted once a purchase is finalized.

Mailbox extensions

A server is considered licensed on condition the mailbox count reported by the mail server is less than or equal to the licensed mailbox count. Should at any stage, the mail server count exceed the licensed count, much of the server's functionality such as the ability to perform searches will be disabled until additional mailboxes to cover the shortfall are acquired. The per unit cost of extending the mailbox count, is equivalent to the price shown, plus an additional 10%. The maintenance component of the price is prorated to the anniversary of the renewal date.

What's included

MailArchiva On-Premise is the software package needed to archive & search email data. The software must be installed on either on a Windows or Linux server. The server hardware or operating system is not included in the sale, and must be acquired separately. Refer to the system requirements for an outline of OS and hardware requirements.

Freemium offer

MailArchiva On-Premise is offered free for micro sized companies with nine or less mailboxes. For such companies, there is no need to install a license in the product. Simply download the software from our Download Center and run the setup. If during your use of MailArchiva, the mailbox count reported by the mail server, exceeds nine mailboxes, it will be necessary to purchase a license for the full amount of mailboxes.

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