Email e-Discovery

The email archiving, e-discovery, compliance and forensics platform that helps retain, organize and mine email data


Retain over the long term


Find emails with ease


Analyze forensic evidence


Satisfy records requests


Get ready to change your business for the better

MailArchiva is the ideal solution for companies needing to satisfy e-Discovery records requests.

Improve productivity

Reduce the time needed to find info and satisfy discovery requests

Preserve knowledge

Email archives remain intact over the long-term

Reduce legal exposure

An inability to produce emails is not an acceptable legal defense

Monitor and audit

Ensure employees are collaborating effectively

Comply with legislation

Ensure compliance with archiving legislation (e.g. Sarbanes Oxley Act)

Lower storage costs

De-duplication and compression reduce storage costs by up to 60%

Enhance mail server performance

Older emails can be safely removed from the mail server

3000+ companies rely on MailArchiva 


e-Discovery power at your finger tips

Synchronize emails, folders, calendar and contact entries from popular mail services

Accurately search across massive amounts of data, including attachment content

Easily satisfy records requests. Bulk export to PDF, PST and other popular formats

MailArchiva software box

Choose your preferred solution

MailArchiva MSP

All MailArchiva features

For Managed hosting providers

Native multitenancy

Centralized management & deployment

Recurring billing model

MailArchiva On-Premise

All MailArchiva features

For companies (10 to 100,000+ mailbox)

Free for small business (<=9 mailbox)

Linux / Windows OS

Once-off perpetual lic with 20% support

MailArchiva Cloud

All MailArchiva features

For companies (10 to 100,000+ mailbox)

Full managed & 99,95% SLA uptime

Redundant data storage

Per year / month billing

MailArchiva integrates with many different mail services