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MailArchiva Multitenant (MT)

MailArchiva MT brings hosted email archiving, discovery and compliance services to your customer base. In doing so, your product portfolio is broadened and new revenue stream opportunities are available.

What is MailArchiva ISP Edition

Email Archiving In The Cloud

Its a simple value proposition. Your customer's enjoy the many benefits of an accessible archive, but without the trouble of managing their own servers! Cloud Archiving Benefits


Using the ISP Edition, each customer gets their very own light weight instance of MailArchiva. Thus, each customer instance is completely isolated from all the other instances running within the ISP Edition. There are numerous benefits to this approach, not least of which, is that it is virtually impossible for one customer to access another customer's data.

Separated Configuration

Separate Configuration

All MailArchiva configuration settings, such as defining an encryption password used for securing volume data, is customizable by the end-customer.

Alternatively, using MailArchiva's role based access control, ISP's have complete flexibility over the level of control they wish to grant the customer.



Central Management and Control

While each customer gets their very own light weight instance of MailArchiva, all applications are conveniently managed using one centralized user interface.

Convenient Application Management

No need to login to each customer instance individually for management and monitoring purposes! All instances are easily configured and monitored directly from the ISP Edition product.


Greater Control

Individual management of application gives you fine grained control over your deployment. Customer instances can be independently created, deployed, upgraded, stopped and started. Wish to bring a customer's archiving offline temporarily? No problem. Just, hit the application stop button.


Lightweight Architecture

All applications under management by the MailArchiva ISP Edition, run on the same app server and Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Furthermore, all MailArchiva applications share the same heap space (memory).

Hosted Archiving & Discovery

MailArchiva ISP Edition supports a variety of ways to receive archiving traffic from your customer's mail servers.


Typically, mail can either be pushed via SMTP or Milter protocols, or polled over the Internet from a temporary journal account using the IMAP or POP protocol. In most cases, the setup is a snap and has minimal impact on the customer environment. SMTP Listener

Active Directory Authentication


Using most web browsers, users can login and search the contents of their remote email archive. Furthermore, MailArchiva is capable of securely authenticating users residing in the customer's Active Directory or LDAP server over the Internet.


Outlook Access

Even though the customer's email archive resides in a remote location, it is still possible for end-users to acess their from within the Outlook interface. This is made possible by the fact that MailArchiva supports NTLM v3 single-sign-on over the Internet.

Pay-As-You-Go Billing & Licensing

Along with the concept of utility computing, comes the notion that people should pay for only what they use, when they use it.

Flexible Billing

We offer a pay-as-you-go billing model that limits your exposure to financial risk. Simply put - billing works on per mailbox per month basis, with no upfront commitment!


At month end, you will receive an automated invoice containing the mailbox usage counts for each of your instances. This invoice can be paid automatically or manually via credit card or US check. The invoice you receive can be used as the basis for billing your customer.


Custom Branding

Subject to certain conditions, such as the preservation of copyright notices, ISP's are permitted to market their email archiving service under their own brand.

Web Services API

Active Directory Authentication The ISP Edition offers easy integration into automated provisioning workflows. It includes a convenient web services interface for managing instances and obtaining billing information.

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