ISP Edition Pricing

For specific pricing in your region, please contact us or install a trial of MailArchiva Multitenant (MT).

  • No license key needed. Once the product is installed and start wizard completed, pricing will be automatically emailed to you.
  • Monthly per mailbox billing. MailArchiva (MT) for cloud providers is charged at a per mailbox per month rate.
  • No upfront commitment. There is no minimum up front commitment necessary for you to be able to offer the service.
  • First 30 days free. The first 30 days for each newly deployed instance is free. Thereafter, you are charged in advance for the following month for the mailboxes used in the previous month.
  • Minimum mailboxes. Our low pricing requires us to impose a minimum number of mailboxes per instance. If an instance has less than fifteen mailboxes, that instance will be charged out at ten mailboxes.
  • Month to month billing. There is no contract period imposed for individual instances. Instances can be deleted at any time and you not be billed for that instance.
  • Hassle free payment. You can elect to pay automatically via credit card, via wire transfer or US check.