MailArchiva On-Premise Tour

Each day, organizations around the planet generate vast amounts of email data. As the data piles up rapidly and endlessly, it becomes harder and harder to get to.

With MailArchiva in the picture, this need not be the case. It not only preserves your email data, but it also helps you quickly find historical emails, fulfill records requests and obtain valuable insights.

Find Emails With Ease

MailArchiva's web interface resembles something of a modern email client, yet it is capable of dealing with not thousands, but hundreds of millions of emails!

MailArchiva Search

Fast Search

The challenge with big data is to be able to find what you are looking for, quickly and easily. This is where MailArchiva truly excels. With its powerful search engine design, it is possible to search across millions of emails, including the content of attachments (e.g. Word, Powerpoint, Excel, PDF, etc.), in milliseconds.

Query Builder

Powerful Query Builder

The search engine offers a powerful query language, especially useful for precise legal discovery searches. While it is possible to type complex boolean logic queries in the search box, an easy-to-use query builder makes the job a snap.

Advanced Search Options

In addition to its flexible query language, high-end search capabilities are included; such as:
  • Synonym Search - Search for words of similar meaning
  • Encrypted Document Search - Finds all encrypted emails and attachments
  • Unrecognized Document Search - Finds all emails and attachments containing unrecognized formats
  • Credit Card/Social Security Number Search - Search for credit card and social security numbers
  • Regular Expression Search - Search using powerful regular expressions
  • Find Similar -Find emails that are closely related to one another
  • Find Similar Document - Find emails containing attachments that are closely related to an uploaded document
  • Keyword Highlighting - Highlight search keywords in email and attachment view

Predictive Coding

Predictive Coding

Predictive coding reduces the cost of e-Discovery by automating the process of finding relevant emails in and amongst a larger corpus of emails. Users first build a training set by identifying responsive (i.e. relevant) and non-responsive (non relevant) emails. Thereafter, advanced machine learning algorithms are used to predict further emails that might be relevant to the e-Discovery search.

Message Threads

Conversation Threads

The reply tree provides a birds eye view of the overall structure of a conversation. It can be invaluable in determining which emails ought to be included in a records request. To build an accurate graph, MailArchiva uses an advanced algorithm that compares the actual email body content.

Journal Report

Powerful Export

Satisfying record requests is easier than ever using MailArchiva. Bulk export options include export to PDF, TIFF, PST, EML, MBOX and MSG formats. A multitude of export options are available. For example, when exporting to PDF, choose between varying levels of header detail, whether to export original or envelope data, whether to include folder structures and conversation threads or render attachment content inside the the PDF document. In cases where many separate files are exported, a searchable html index is included in the export deliverable.

Journal Report

Drag 'n Drop Import

Drag'n drop huge import files (>3GB) from the desktop right onto an import dialog for convenient and easy ingestion.

Social Chart

Social Chart

The social chart feature depicts the relationships between people based on their email conversation flows. It reveals the social networks and work flows in your organization.

It has a multitude of uses, among them: insight into the impact of company restructuring, identifying blockages in communications, fraud detection, identifying key personnel, formulating the 'big picture' when responding to records requests and obtaining a general understanding of the social dynamics in your organization.

Email Analytics

Generate and analyze comprehensive statistics on the nature of the mail traffic flowing through your organization. Especially useful for capacity planning. Analytics

Tracks statistical data such as email count, email size, attachment size and attachment type. Data can be represented per user or domain, over any specified time period.


Outlook Integration

To preserve the familiar Outlook experience, MailArchiva's search capabilities can be made accessible from a folder within Outlook.

The search interface has an inbuilt Outlook theme that is automatically activated when the web console is accessed from an Outlook web folder.

The major benefit of this approach is that there is no need for any plugin software to be installed on client workstations.

Multiple Volumes

Archived data is organized chronologically into separate logical volumes. Volumes may be rolled over automatically when they reach a certain size or on a quarterly or annual basis. Run out of disk space? Simply create another volume referring to the new disk, and MailArchiva will begin archiving to that location.
Build Your Archive

Convenient Storage Format

In each logical volume, email data is dispersed across 4096 archive files. These archive files are protected using AES-128 bit encryption and compressed using ZIP compression. Inside the archive files, email data stored as .EML files (in standard RFC2822 format). Since the archive files are about right size, archive data is easier to manage than competitive offerings.

Mail Server Agnostic

Mail Server Agnostic

MaiiArchiva is capable of archiving emails from a wide range of mail servers, simultaneously. It supports both push and pull archiving.

Emails are usually forwarded to MailArchiva via its inbuilt SMTP or Milter server interfaces. Alternatively, they are journaled to a temporary mailbox, whereafter, polled and processed by MailArchiva's inbuilt IMAP or POP client.

Variety of Import Options

Data may be imported into the archive from a variety of sources. Whether you need to import all email data directly from Microsoft Exchange or simply wish to ingest a large number of PST files, MailArchiva is up to the job. A wide variety of import options are available including direct Exchange import, PST, .EML, .MSG and MBOX import.

Legal Compliance

Many of MailArchiva's features are geared toward helping companies stay compliant with email archiving legislation (e.g. Sarbanes Oxley Act). For instance, all archived information is time stamped and encrypted to ensure the integrity and privacy of archived data.

Where possible, the product retains vital meta info about a message (e.g. rcpt-to, mail from headers). Furthermore, many features (e.g. envelope journaling support, retention rules, legal hold, tagging, and bulk export) assist in day-to-day records keeping and fulfillment of e-Discovery requests.

Journal Envelope

Envelope Journaling

MailArchiva offers full support for Microsoft Exchange envelope journaling. It archives and indexes all journal envelope data, including blind carbon copy (BCC) and group recipient information.



The purpose of tagging is to associate a selection of emails with user specified tag name. At any stage, to recall the selected emails, select the tag name and the associated emails appear selected in the search interface.

In an e-Discovery context, tagging is often used to associate a set of emails with a specific records request or legal case.


Retention Policies & Legal Hold

Define fine-grained retention policies that specify how long data ought to be stored in the archive. On a periodic basis, MailArchiva automatically deletes expired items from the archive. Items subject to legal hold are preserved to ensure that valuable case artifacts are retained.

Auto Search Reports

There is often the need to produce regular search reports on a predefined set of queries. For convenience, MailArchiva incorporates the ability to save and recall searches. In addition, the auto search function takes it a step further by performing scheduled searches at set intervals and sending the results via email.

Content Filtering & Auto Tagging

Is your organization concerned about the possibility of proprietary or confidential information leakage? Using content filters, it is possible to receive alerts when emails containing specific keywords are encountered. Furthermore, content filters have the ability to automatically flag and categorize emails containing matching keywords.

Archiving & Retention Rules

Archiving Rules

As you'd expect, MailArchiva includes the ability to define fine grained archiving rules that prevent unneeded emails from entering the archive.

Bulk Email Operations

Bulk Export, Print, Send, Delete (if permissible)

Instant Publishing and Changes Working with large email data sets is near impossible without having the right tool for the job. MailArchiva is designed to help you perform operations on tens of thousands of emails at a time. Simply search for the desired emails, export results to a ZIP file, print them en bulk or send them back to a mailbox of your choosing.

Server Monitoring

The system activity chart indicates the behaviour of the system over time. A quick peek at the chart reveals the overall health of the system and whether there are any concerns that need to be attended to.

Archive Audit Logs


Know exactly whose looking at what and when. MailArchiva keeps an audit trail of all system activity. All audit data is fully searchable from the web console. Alerts

System Alerts!

To ensure trouble free operation, MailArchiva sends out an alert whenever something important is about to happen that needs your attention (for example, running out of disk space).

JMX Monitor

Performance Monitoring

MailArchiva publishes performance monitoring information via a standardized JMX interface. Thus, you have the option of monitoring your server in a centralized fashion using a wide range of enterprise performance monitoring tools, such as Nagios.

Privacy And Integrity

All data in the archive is automatically protected using AES-128 encryption. This not only ensures the privacy of data but also that archived data is not easily modifiable. Optionally, if so required, archive data can be digitally signed on periodic basis.


Strong Authentication

MailArchiva supports secure authentication to Active Directory and directory servers such as OpenLDAP. In this regard, full support for NTLM v2.0 SSO authentication and LDAPS authentication is provided.

Transport Layer Security

Transport Layer Security

It is recommended to protect the MailArchiva console with Transport Layer Security (TLS). This measure prevents potential hackers from gaining access to your archive using packet sniffer technology.

Email Backup

Automatic Backups

Losing your archived data due to disk failure is not an option! MailArchiva will automatically replicate volume data to backup disks for safe keeping.

Start Wizard

Easy Install

No need to fly in a consultant! The step-by-step install wizard makes the setup process a snap. Your server can be up and running in minutes!

Context Sensitive Help

Context-Sensitive Help

Tired of reading technical manuals? MailArchiva's Online Help service illustrates everything you need to know in a clear and concise manner. It puts the information you need on tap.


MailArchiva is a fully internationalized product. The user interface, search and indexing operations support multiple languages (English, German, Russian, etc.) and character sets.

Features Galore!

This tour highlights only a small sprinkling of the features available in the MailArchiva product. Refer to the full feature list to obtain an accurate picture of what's available in the product.