Cloud Signup

Email discovery in the cloud

The MailArchiva Cloud brings online email archiving and e-discovery to the Internet. Your email data is automatically synchronized from mail services such as Office 365, and consolidated into a centralized online repository. Using a web browser, users assigned appropriate privileges are able to perform real-time searches across all mailboxes, and export to popular formats such as PDF.

The MailArchiva Cloud service helps you meet email archiving regulatory requirements, without needing to worry about infrastructure, upgrades, maintenance or growth. A wide range of mail services and servers are supported out-of-the-box, including Microsoft Office 365. There is no hardware or software to install or upfront purchase required. Signup is immediate. Payment is month to month. Free trial in the first month. No credit card required. 

Plays nice

Office 365, Gsuite & others

Instant access

Immediate signup

Free space

10+ years of storage space included

Hands free

Fully managed solution

Free trial

30 day trial period

Highly available

99.95% SLA uptime


Technicians on standby


Data stored in three places

GPDR compliant

USA or EU locations

Why Cloud vs On-Premise?

Cost effective

Great value for money

Hassle free

Enhanced business focus

Free updates

Transparent upgrades